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Intretech was founded in May 2011, with over 40 subsidiaries globally. Intretech now employs more than 10000 staff members, including over 1500 highly-qualified engineers and managers, equipped with enterprise technology centers, research labs and robotic research centres.

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and consumer IoT boom, Intretech has developed a global intelligent manufacturing system with a high level of informatization and automation to meet the increased needs for collaborative development, customisation services, flexible production and information interconnection.

Intretech’s self developed platforms provide customers quick and centralised services from design to mass production of intelligent control components, HMIs, consumer electronic products, car electronics as well as intelligent manufacturing solutions.

With its advanced technology, intelligent manufacturing capabilities, strict quality control, supplier network and management systems, Intretech offers services from product R&D to mass production, with high levels of innovation, reliability and consistency for global enterprises as well as up-and-coming startups.

In 2017, Intretech Hungary Kft. was established as a subsidiary of Intretech – the first European manufacturing base for Intretech, fully equipped with the latest SMT lines, auto-assembly lines, laboratories and test equipments.


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2004 – Preliminary Period

In 2004, a Web-control Business Unit was established under Malata group with SMT workshops and TDE test platform. The BU passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications as well as Logitech’s strict audit, obtaining the “Excellent Supplier” recognition.

2007 – UMS – United Management System

The development and launch of UMS, a MES and factory management platform combined with automation solutions, helped expedite the company’s ability to scale while maintaining excellent quality and traceability.

2011 – Development and Growth

On June 13th, 2011, Xiamen Intretech Inc. was established officially and subsequently passed the ISO/ TS16949 certification, allowing the company to break into the automotive industry. Knoweledge and capabilities greatly expanded to provide improved services to customers across various industries.

2018 – Global Manufacturing

On January 15th, 2018, Intretech successfully listed in small and medium board in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Stock code: 002925. This helped Intretech build out its global manufacturing bases in China, Malaysia and Hungary, providing a global manufacturing solution tailored to customer’s needs.

2019 – European Production Begins

Intretech Hungary Kft was officially established in September 2017. The Phase 1 of the intelligent manufacturing base was completed and entered into production in 2019. Located in Kapuvár, Hungary, it provides great access and localised services for European partners.